The Netflix Narrative

The thing about living with my dad these days as opposed to living with him back then is that I get to watch a lot more TV now than when I was a kid. On the nights when we are both home, we are two badasses manning the remote control like it’s nobody’s mother effing business. And ever since my little sister gifted us her Netflix account, we have since promoted ourselves from coach to first class.

For the most part, the two of us are pretty good about compromising when it gets time to picking a movie. For the “most” part.

Me: Dad, I’m going to browse through the DVD section while you’re off shopping in another part of Costco.
My dad: You don’t need to buy any DVDs. We have your sister’s Netflix account now.
Me: But none of these movies are available on Netflix.
My dad: They will be. In a few years.

Sometimes, though, the generation gap comes into play.

Me: What do you think about watching “The Godfather” tonight?
My dad: Oh, that sounds good. Plus, we have that! We don’t even need to use Netflix to watch it.
Me: I can’t find it.
My dad: Oh, you know what? We have it on VHS. And I don’t want to set up the machine. Can we watch something else?

This is really almost happening!

This is really almost happening!

Now with all the Netflix sharing going on between our house and my sister’s computer, there has only been one hiccup to date.



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