Let’s Get Physical

In the past several years, my father has suddenly gotten serious about his health and fitness, something my mother has pretty much always been fanatical about. As a result of their newfound “team” efforts in staying in shape, I was therefore baffled when the issue of whether or not to transport their behemoth of an elliptical became a topic of debate at all. My mother, fearing for the 115+ temperatures in Las Vegas, insisted that the elliptical come along for the ride because indoor exercise could potentially be her only option. On the other hand, my father didn’t feel that it was utilized enough to begin with to justify the move of such a ridiculously heavy piece. Obviously at the end of the day, though, my mother won out, so along came the elliptical, which ultimately took three movers and a whole lot of huffing and puffing to put in place.

This looks like it could be Wall-E's neighbor

This looks like it could be Wall-E’s neighbor

A few days after starting to settle in their casa nueva, my dad wandered around to get the lay of the land.

My dad: Where can I exercise around here?
My mom: We have something called an elliptical in the house.
My dad: Yeah, but that gets repetitive and then it’s not as good.
My mom: Well it’s not like you’ve been using it so nothing about that is repetitive.


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