Home Is Where the Boat Is

As the littlest Kim, my brother Dennis, prepares to embark on a new chapter in life called college this fall, my parents have decided to take a colossal leap in faith in each other by gearing up for a move to Las Vegas, realizing that instead of being separated from three kids, it might be nice to be close to at least one (that would be me, FYI). Surprise!

Our family has not moved for close to 15 years, which means a decade-and-a-half of necessities, valuables, and also crap are sitting underneath one roof. To ensure this muy grande move goes as smoothly as possible, the parentals have already made several trips to their future home to begin planning where to place big ticket items such as furniture, appliances, and our commercial-grade elliptical that probably weighs more than the house itself.

During my first walk through with Mama and Papa Kim, we started indoors, eventually making our way into what should have been the formal dining room.

Me: 1…2…3…4. You guys have a lot of electrical outlets here.
My mom: But of course!
My dad: All of them will be well-utilized. How else can we run two hot pots and two Korean barbecue grills, all at the same time?

One outlet for each of my parents' children, our dog included

One outlet for each of my parents’ children, our dog included

Impressed at how much in agreement they were with each other and not at all finding myself in the throes of World War III, we continued our pleasantries through the rest of the house. Unfortunately, things started to take a turn for the worst upon our arrival in the garage, which has space for up to four cars, with the last one extending even further into the backyard.

Why is this garage space bigger than my bedroom?

Why is this garage space bigger than my bedroom?

My mom: What about putting the storage cabinets up in here? It’s hardest to reverse out of this spot, so we probably won’t be parking here.
My dad: No, we have to keep this spot clear. What if one day we decide to buy a boat?
Me: A BOAT!? What are we going to do with a boat, and when would we ever need it? Nevada is a landlocked state!
My dad: Ugh, I’m just using that as an example! But we will need to leave this space open, just in case we ever need to park anything big. You know, like a limo.


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