My, What Clean Teeth You Have!

My parents are infatuated with proper dental hygiene. No, on second thought – they are obsessed with the maintenance of their pearly whites.  The only reason Costco continues to annually generate a profit is because my parents spend so much time in the dental products aisle. In fact, my dad swears so religiously by his Waterpik system that he even bought a portable one to take with him on his business trips.

My mother, on the other hand, is an avid flosser. If her dentist gave out gold medals for the top patient every six months, she’d be on the medal stand twice a year. And for those of you who have to ask why a dental visit is every six months and not annually, don’t worry – that alone has already put you out of the running for this award. Cavities, however, are no joke, and this hobby comes at the expense of the floss itself. Growing up, we kids would watch as she pulled miles of floss out of the pack at a time, most of which had shortened lifelines if they fell into her hands instead of another Kim’s.

Bye bye Glide: the end is near. Literally.

Bye bye Glide: the end is near. Literally.

In a recent trip to visit my grandmother in Korea, my dad decided to be efficient and visit a dentist during his downtime. He so thoroughly enjoyed this experience that following confirmation of my own trip to Korea this spring, he sent me the serious email message below:

“If you have enough time, your aunt will schedule a dental check up appointment for you.”


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