Here Comes the Sun

Prior to my sister’s graduation from college in Connecticut this spring, it was decided early on that she and my mother would embark on a cross-country road trip in preparation for her first position post-graduation in northern California. They extended an invitation for me to join, but I respectfully declined, on the basis that I would “probably end up killed, or killing someone.”

For those of us not confined to the limits of a Hyundai Elantra, we received several text messages on a daily basis, allowing us to imagine what the middle of America was like, but more importantly, informing us that both passengers were still alive. Most of these messages flowed more or less like this:

“Just checked into Twinsburg, Ohio! Your sister is craving pho.”
“Heading to Nebraska now. Will be looking for a pho restaurant.”
“Leaving for Colorado now. Nebraska’s pho was surprisingly excellent.”
“On our way to Las Vegas. Pho in Colorado was terrible.”

In an effort to keep their travels to daytime hours only, this meant sticking to an early to bed, early to rise mantra. With day driving, however, also comes the dangers of sun exposure.

Road Trip - Sunglasses

Skin cancer is no joke

My mom’s plan of attack? To double up on her frames, because two are clearly better than one. Plus, her “eyes hurt from all the sunscreen.”


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