Female Asian Drivers, Part II

It is a pretty widely accepted understanding that Asians – while we can certainly design and produce quality automobiles – cannot necessarily say the same about their actual driving abilities. I don’t even bother trying to delude myself into thinking I’m any kind of vehicular gold medalist or anything of the sort.

In a recent trip home to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Kims, it became evident that my mother had not yet reached this level of acceptance like I have, and still believed her driving to be a real contender in conversational debate.

My mom: I don’t understand why all of you are so critical of my driving. My friends all feel very safe in my car, and they all appreciate my driving!
My dad: Mom. That’s because they all drive like you.

Credit: someecards.com

Now, just before we all breathe a sigh of relief for my father’s dose of realism, here’s a little tidbit he mentioned to me this week while visiting me in Nevada:

“I was driving on the freeway and all of these Las Vegans just wouldn’t let me in! But then I realized I had California plates, so I just cut in!”


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