Election Reflection

Now that Election Day is over, two thoughts come to mind:

1. With no more political mailers to circulate, does this mean the USPS is in an even graver state of doom?

2. What foreign country is most realistic for Romney supporters to flee to if Canada has a universal healthcare system that’s more public than Obamacare, and Mexico is the nation populated by the very people they are trying to build a fence against?

Here were my brother’s enthused feelings about his first Election Day after having recently turned 18:

Me: How does it feel knowing you helped pick our next president?
My brother: I didn’t. California would vote Obama no matter who I picked.

In preparation for [and later celebration of] Election Day this week, I was tempted to go to work with the most appropriate pair of socks I could find in my closet –


 My mom: Don’t you feel guilty wearing those socks, knowing that you’re stepping on Obama?


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