Rumour Has It Someone Like You Set Fire To the Rain

For someone to say, “I don’t appreciate Adele,” is as socially acceptable as saying, “Todd Akin only speaks the truth,” “White socks look great with dress pants,” or “I don’t need carbs to be happy.”

Needless to say, this kind of ridiculous just does not happen. And luckily for all global citizens, my mother does not belong to this school of thought. In fact, she is a huge Adele fan.

I am Adele and I am too fab to look at the camera.

My mom: “Adele is such a great singer. I just love her music.”
Me: “Yeah, she is awesome. Her voice is so unique.”
My mom: “And you know what? I feel like the radio stations are reading my mind.”
Me: “What makes you say that?”
My mom: “Well, every time I want to hear a song by Adele, I turn on the radio – and it happens to be playing!”
My dad: “That’s because you are playing Adele’s station on Pandora.”


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