Fashion Forward Father

My dad is a software engineer which means that he is in his element around computers and can navigate the ins and outs of a PC with his eyes closed on a bad day before he can name five articles of clothing from his closet.

When he caved into Apple products and became the proud owner of an iPad, he ran into a snafu when he realized his fingers were too cold in the winter to maneuver the touch screen. So he did what any techie in his right mind would do –

iPad love

And just like that, he went back to his round of online mahjong. The world is good again.

My dad decided later to up the ante and take his new tailoring skills to the next level with his pants. He declared one day,

“I believe I am a standard Asian size. American pants are always too long.”

So he took it upon himself to standardize said American pants with the same vigor and enthusiasm as he did with his newly fashioned iPad gloves. Behold –

Voila! Standard Asian pants

When I saw his fine handiwork, there was no way I could keep quiet in the peanut gallery.

Me: “Dad! Why are your pants so frayed!?”
Dad: “This is fashion.”