Female Asian Drivers

Dad: “I just don’t know how your Mom’s age demographic has the lowest car insurance. How can they be the safest drivers?”


New School, Meet Old School

It’s no secret that Asians love them some technology. It always has to be the fastest, lightest, smartest, baddest thing on the market. Here’s my groovy grandma showing us grandkids how it’s done.

Embracing technology

Back Up Plans

My dad prides himself on being the King of Practicality. Even so, he occasionally lets his imagination get the better of him.

Dad: “Just think, maybe one day your brother will become a famous entertainer, your sister will be one of the highest-ranked female officers in the Coast Guard, and you will be the president of Bellagio.”
Me: “See? Aren’t you glad we didn’t go to Harvard? We couldn’t become any of the above if we had.”
Dad: “Oh please. If you guys had gone to Harvard, you’d be professional basketball players by now. It would still be a win for everyone.”
Me: “I think you mean, it would be a ‘Lin.'”