What’s In a Name?

The idea of this blog was conceived this past Christmas when I was at home with my family. Naturally, since it was about them, I decided to get everyone’s input on what to call it.

Me: “What do you think I should name my new blog?”
My sister: “‘Daily Intricacies & Nuances of the Kim Family.'”

My dad, having just been privy to the genius of Awkward Family Photos, decided to offer his own smartass suggestion.

Dad: “‘Awkward Family Comments.’ Also, because most Asians don’t know what ‘intricacies’ means.
My sister: “Is this because YOU don’t know what that means?”
Dad: “If I don’t know, then at least 50% of Asians don’t know.”

Naturally, since I’m the one that’s writing this blog, I decided to just make an executive decision.


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