Not Another Post About Jeremy Lin

Yes, we know – Jeremy Lin has become a Lincredible success story. We’re all very proud of him and the fact that the community now recognizes our demographic can excel in extracurriculars besides Mathletes and the state honor orchestra.


All of a sudden people are actually caring about the New York Knicks and his jersey is selling faster than Kim Kardashian can say “divorce.” I’m not going to lie – I may or may not be a recent convert to the Holy Church of Jeremy Lin too. I just feel like the rest of the congregation might be missing the bigger picture here. Instead of commentating – yet again – about the Harvard grad’s Cinderella story, we should be focusing on the real issue at hand.

Me: “Are we related to Jeremy Lin?”
Mom: “Hahaha…I saw the last 15 minutes of the [Lakers vs. Knicks] game…so proud of him. Funny thing is I just knew him first time from a segment of a Chinese TV interview…”
Me: “You are not answering the question. You’re a Lin. He’s a Lin. Is he my cousin!?”
Mom: “Let’s make him one!”

Folks, there you have it – I’m related to the biggest thing to happen to the NBA since sliced Tebow.

To further demonstrate our family’s support for our newfound relative, my mother issued a family-wide email several days later:

“Hi everybody,

To make everybody’s life easier, I have added Kicks games schedule to my calendar…..thank me!!”

Kicks, Knicks. Same thing.


What’s In a Name?

The idea of this blog was conceived this past Christmas when I was at home with my family. Naturally, since it was about them, I decided to get everyone’s input on what to call it.

Me: “What do you think I should name my new blog?”
My sister: “‘Daily Intricacies & Nuances of the Kim Family.'”

My dad, having just been privy to the genius of Awkward Family Photos, decided to offer his own smartass suggestion.

Dad: “‘Awkward Family Comments.’ Also, because most Asians don’t know what ‘intricacies’ means.
My sister: “Is this because YOU don’t know what that means?”
Dad: “If I don’t know, then at least 50% of Asians don’t know.”

Naturally, since I’m the one that’s writing this blog, I decided to just make an executive decision.